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Vinalearn teacher recruitment

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Why work at Vinalearn

Are you ready for a challenge? Have you always wanted to travel the world, see new things and experience new cultures? Would you like to live in a massive megacity with a small town feel? A city which blends historical architecture and culture with modern luxury and entertainment? If the answer is yes, then Ho Chi Minh City is the place for you!
Vinalearn English Center offers teachers the chance to teach across Ho Chi Minh City, experiencing the challenges and rewards for providing English lessons at Vietnamese public schools. Teachers at Vinalearn have the opportunity to inspire the next generation of Vietnamese while also experiencing Vietnam's beautiful scenery, bustling cities, rich heritage and phenomenally unique lifestyle.
We at Vinalearn take great pride in supplying public schools across Ho Chi Minh City with the highest quality teachers. Our teachers are not only well trained, but are also given the freedom to utilize their unique cultural and educational experiences for the benefit of the students.
Vinalearn is a different type of English center in that we take a "less is more" approach to managing teachers. We provide support through our hard working head teachers and Vietnamese staff, though it is our philosophy that once our qualified teachers are trained and comfortable in the classroom, their lesson plans will become a reflection of their own experience, knowledge and temperament and should not be micro-managed. It's Vinalearn's job to assist and support, not to control.
Both teaching and learning with Vinalearn is a rare and enlightening experience and we will happily welcome all those who share our goal for a more culturally aware, educated and successful Vietnam.

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