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Vinalearn Language Center is hiring new full-time teachers and interns for the new school year starting in August 2017. We are looking for teachers who are adaptable, hard-working and can work under pressure. Most importantly, our teachers need to be willing to go the extra mile for their students.

Vinalearn’s head office is located in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, but teachers will be assigned to various public schools throughout the city. These schools range from kindergarten to senior high school and cover all levels of English.

Vinalearn is devoted to finding teachers who have a passion for education and are willing to adapt to a new culture and school system for the benefit of the students. Vietnamese schools are not always well funded and thus need that extra effort from teachers so the kids can receive the education and opportunities they deserve.

At Vinalearn, you will be have the freedom to express your individuality through your teaching. While we do provide teaching materials and resources, we train and encourage our teachers to let their uniqueness shine through in their lessons!

If you’d like a job with stability, a reliable management staff, freedom to teach the way you want and plenty of opportunities to improve your skills as a teacher.

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